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I am Jellyn, founder of hi,aria. Young mother to a toddler boy + baby girl. We are proudly a family-owned small shop. The story behind our brand name is simple: My husband and I decided to name it after our daughter, Aria Giselle. Because I was pregnant with her while creating this brand, the 'hi' is there to be a sense of welcoming her into this beautiful life that we would like to create for her and her brother. We all know that being a mother is the hardest but most rewarding job out there so shout out to those Mother Hustlers for making it happen everyday. We happily sacrifice a lot for our kids but why let your style be one of those things? We should be able to keep something for ourselves. 
To the moms who hate diaper bags: I feel you, I hear you – I am you. It was a never ending quest trying to find the perfect one that fit my style. As a young mother, I am very picky about staying on top of the latest trends. We want to look good to feel good, am I right? Eventually, I gave up and settled for one that didn’t appeal to me. So much that I hid it in the storage compartment of the stroller during our outings at all times – not to be seen. As a minimalist, I prefer not to carry as much when it comes to the essentials for my little ones - especially on quick trips out. So what use do I have for carrying a big, bulky, unattractive bag? None. It's too bad that the size bag that was practical for our daily needs was made for kids – yes, those with the colorful designs and cartoon characters, AKA, something you won't see me sporting around. That’s when I knew that there was something missing in the diaper bag market. I dreamt of a bag that was small enough to carry with me at all times but big enough to hold my kids' and my own essentials – all while being stylish and trendy enough for me to be proud to wear.
So I decided to create it.