Mini Diaper Bags: Why You Should Make the Switch

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Everyone's style is different. Everyone packs a diaper bag a different way. But what's one thing we have in common? If we are presented with a lot of space, our mind automatically thinks that there is a necessity for it to be filled which results into over packing. Now, over packing might make some mamas feel safe which is okay. But for those mamas that feel like their bags are weighing them down during outings, then it might be time to make the switch. Our "On The Run" bag was created for those short trips out: whether if it's to the park, on a play date, trip to the zoo, quick stop to the mall, etc. I feel like we make quick trips out more frequently than long ones, like traveling somewhere far, which makes the need for a mini diaper bag more practical than a large one. When I'm with my son at the park, I notice a lot of moms (and dads) carrying huge diaper bags on their backs which limits their movement. Instead of playing with their kid, they seem to be just watching their kid because it's more comfortable for them. I mean, I totally get it - if I had a huge diaper bag on my back, you wouldn't see me chasing around my toddler around the park or I would have some serious back pain. But that's the point of why I created this bag. I want to be able to chase my son around the park without a bag weighing me down or limiting my mobility to do so. I want to be able to always have the essentials on me at all times instead of leaving it in the car. My son's thirsty? I've got his sippy cup on hand and it's still cool from the insulated pockets. He needs a snack to recharge? Here you go. Dirty hands? Let me grab the wipes. Yes, a bigger diaper bag can hold the same things, if not, more, but if it limits your ability to actually be with your toddler, it's not worth carrying around. My favorite part about the bag is how the straps are all detachable which means I can convert it from a back pack, to a shoulder bag to a cross body bag. My personal favorite way to wear it is cross body since I wouldn't have to remove it from my bag to grab what I need. I can just unzip and it's all right there. 
Here are the essentials I pack for my two year old: 
Two pull ups 
Pack of wipes 
One sippy cup with water 
1 change of clothes (Pants + shirt) 
Grab and Go Play Pack 
Everything mat 
and there's still room to spare!
Although this design is geared towards mamas with toddlers since they don't require much for quick trips, any minimalist newborn mama might find this appealing as well. If packing way too much makes you overwhelmed, then switching to a mini diaper bag might also be ideal for you. Don't be deceived by it's looks - despite the size of the bag, it's spacious enough to hold your essentials. 
Still not convinced? Here's a check list: 
☐ I love the size of toddler bags but hate the designs
☐ Mobility - I want to be able to chase my kids 
☐ Flexibility - I want to switch up my style sometimes 
☐ I hate over packing and carrying unnecessary things
☐ My current diaper bag is weighing me down
☐ I want my essentials by me at all times 
☐ I like looking good and feeling good
☐ I love a bag that can be used as not only a diaper bag, but daily bag
☐ I go on quick trips more frequently than long ones 
☐ I love high quality things 
☐ I need a durable bag that is easy to clean 
Does this sound like you?
Then it's time to make the switch! 
Bye bye big, bulky diaper bag. Hello stylish and functional mini diaper bag!